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The Post Where I Announce That My Second Book Has Been Picked Up By A Publisher

Yes, it’s true.

Details will be forthcoming when I’m sure it’s safe to release such sensitive information, but please let me appease your fears by telling you that the book does not involve or include any of the following subjects: ducks, sentient rocks, stories about people who eat cabbage, funny lists that all have to do with licorice, my personal ramblings on cheese, a picture of my head and how big it is, how-to’s on doing magic tricks, songs about singing songs, a story that feels longer than Cold Mountain and which involves my trek from San Francisco to Boston while wearing only one shoe and half a pair of pants, the band Motley Crue, letters to corporations, letters from corporations, rants about celebrities, really big sentient rocks, my thoughts on robots taking over the world, or a whole sci-fi novel based on a story I overheard at the bus stop about how cockroaches from alien planets are in actuality, living in a huge base made out of swiss cheese.

I know. Huge relief.

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