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The Next Chapter of Summer ’04

Well, my work on The Benefactor is actually, totally done. Sort of.

Yesterday was my “last day” although I get the impression I’m going to get a call in a few weeks from the Exec Producers again to bring me back and do some more scripting and producing of elements for the show. Either way, though, it was a great run (February through June) and I just get more and more excited about what’s being put together than ever before.

Mark Cuban himself swung by our L.A. offices yesterday to record some voice-over elements for the show and his enthusiasm and willingness to do what’s needed once again communicates to everyone involved in the show that he is not just a “name” attached to the show. Not even just a “host” who shows up for 10 minutes each week to give the illusion of being involved… This is his show and he wants it to be the best. That’s good stuff.

As for me, you’ve heard it all before — I start work this week on a pair of magazine articles I’ve been hired to write and all the other stuff I’ve stuck in the back seat for the last couple of months. I’m gonna take a break from just talking endlessly about this stuff until there’s something concrete to talk about. Because “what-if’s” and “coming soons” don’t do much for you and they definetly don’t do much for me until there’s something concrete to point at.

So, effective immediately, I’m engaging what I like to call the “I’m not going to talk about things that are going to happen, haven’t happened yet, may be happening but I’m not sure they are yet and other stuff, Communication Impasse Summer 2004.”

It has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Congrats again to the Sherlock Holmeses (reference stolen from one of my adept commentors) of the Blogosphere who worked their way through my elusive clues to the finish line. It was actually funny because I could check out where people were clicking all day long via the Typepad service, so it was a good gauge of who had reached which parts of the challenge. Hilarious comments, though. Hope no one got too frustrated.

What I would love to put together is some kind of a blog scavenger hunt, where there are teams put together and those groups of 2 or 4 have 24 hours to find as many of the items as possible from the list. Then again, it may be way too complicated. But as I go back to living the life of freelance writer this week, the time to plan this may miraculously appear. Then again, it may just present me with enough time to finally write that entry about nocturnal animals that I’ve been jones’n to write.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. And remember, “You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, unless you turn around.”

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