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  • Paul Davidson

The New Male Hug Redux

Awhile back I posted an entry about the new male hug. In it, I questioned how it was exactly that men were no longer just shaking hands, but doing that weird half-hug half handshake thing and how it made me nervous.

Today, I received an e-mail from someone who had more questions about my hug-history and I found it so thorough that I felt it would be great to put said e-mail here:


i read you man handshake page and i have a few questions.

Did you ask your friend y they switch a solid handshake to a half hug, if yes what was the explaination?

r you a huggin person? have you or would you ever bear hug a guy friend? Does it depend on the situation for the hug? Such as graduation? i’ ve seen alot of guys who would give bear hug. have you does that? or you would, only in the male half hug style? what do you think?

do you always handshake everytime you see your male friends? what happens when you see them just after a moment you handshaked, do you still handshake again? Do u ever greet each other beside the handshake?


I don’t know what said e-mail writer was digging for, but I found it fascinating nonetheless.

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