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The New Book?

Good news on the second book front. Heard today from the agents that they agreed wholeheartedly that my proposal and concept for the next book is “terrific” and “sellable”. Now I just need to tweak my sample chapter a little bit and get it ready. Then, it goes off to Random House for their perusal.

The way it works is this: Since Random House/Broadway Books published my first book, they get a “first look” at this next one. They’ll have a month to decide (based on the proposal and sample chapter) if they want to publish the second one. If not, we’re then free to shop it to all the publishers we want.

Personally, I had a great experience with Random House/Broadway Books and loved my editor and the publicity folk over there. I’d enjoy another go-around with them, and the Random House name doesn’t hurt at all. Either way, though — I’m just excited to be moving forward (finally) with testing the waters on this second book.

Send some good creative thoughts my way! (Thanks.)

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