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The “I Loved It” Movie Patron Commercials

You’ve seen the commercials, I know you have.

Where people are just leaving having seen the latest movie and someone off camera is asking them questions. Usually they’re saying things like:

We loved it! I was sooooo scared, I jumped out of my seat! The most exciting action sequences ever! The funniest movie I’ve ever seen! You have to bring your girlfriend — I know I did!

Did you know that every time you see these commercials, these are not real people? That these are actors the studio pays to say what they want them to say, so they get exactly what they want in the commercials? It’s hilarious — I know actors who have been hired to play “boyfriend” or “frumpy grandmother” or whatever, and then they’re given their lines. Aaah, the wool being pulled over the collective eyes of America.

Yesterday, I went and saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (which was good, not great) and on my way out was asked if I would be willing to be interviewed on camera for the AOL/Moviefone website. This, of course, is real (because it’s cheap and on the net and no one probably even watches it) and so my buddies and I proceeded to answer their questions about the movie with a light and camera crew filming us. I was, needless to say, without a script — unhappy with my answers.

So, if you come across someone that looks like me on AOL/Moviefone, don’t take my words too seriously. I was, well, not in true perfect PD form.

In other news, (and I’ve kept this on the down-low lately for superstitious reasons), I found out a few weeks back that I made it into the semi-finals of the Nicholl Fellowship (which I mentioned before, here). The latest cut was from 330 Quarterfinalists to 130 Semi-Finalists. The next cut, which will be made in early October will be down to 10. It’s a massive cut and for my sanity I won’t expect to get there — but if the stars align and it does, you can bet I’ll tell you about it. Fingers crossed.

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