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  • Paul Davidson

The HBO Tease

Do you have HBO?

Did you get it for such great shows like The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Deadwood, Entourage and Sex & The City? Are you still sitting there on the edge of your couch, week in and week out, waiting for one damn good thing to happen?

I am.

I watch HBO in a way much different from how I view all other television. I am in a constant “waiting mode” because when HBO starts each of its original series they always make sure to pack the first season with tons of crazy happenings. Killings, deaths, sex, drugs, violent language and a variety of “I’m on the edge of my seat” moments that keep us coming back for more. They’ve done it with all the above referenced programs, except for Entourage which just recently started up.

They get you so worked up over these amazing new shows that when you come back for the second and third and fourth seasons of the same show… You’re waiting.


I now watch shows like The Sopranos and Six Feet Under waiting for something to happen. I sit through slow boring sequences because I tell myself that “HBO is so setting me up for the hugest moment ever!! If I just sit here and wait through these quiet, character building scenes, it will all be SO worth it.”

Well, I sat through the last few seasons of the two above shows continually waiting for that moment. I convinced myself that when I finally made it to the Season Finale that all would be delivered. All would be worth it.

I’m still waiting.

I just hate being teased. Really, it’s more about that than anything else. I just wish HBO would keep the screws turned, ramp up the action and give me more of what I saw in my first impressions of these great shows. As for Entourage, I’ve heard something amazing is supposed to happen soon… So, since I’m already four episodes in, I know it’s got to be coming in the next few weeks, or maybe the Season Finale.

We are doomed to repeat our mistakes over and over and over again.

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