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  • Paul Davidson

The General Lee Big Wheel

I got this e-mail out of nowhere the other day — in response to nothing I was ever involved in:

I will buy your General Lee big wheel. I have a truck that I lifted and painted like the General. My mother was showing my wife some baby pictures of me. One was of me on the big wheel. I want one to match my truck. I looked all over the internet for one with no luck. What’s your price?

I have never been involved in any General Lee Big Wheel tomfoolery, just so you know. Never sold, pretended to sell, auctioned-off, what not. But still – not being able to leave well enough alone (see: phone solicitors), I responded:


My good friend responded again:

Got any pics? Whats the condition?

To which I responded:

No pictures but it’s in mint condition.

To which he responded:

If you can get me a pic, I’ll send you a money order. You have a camera phone? Snap a pic and send it to my email!!

To which I responded:

If I have to take a picture, it’s gonna cost you $389.

Sadly, that was the last I heard of Mr. General Lee Big Wheel.

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