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  • Paul Davidson

The Fonz

The Fonz was in my dream last night.

It wasn’t necessarily the character of the Fonz, it was more like Henry Winkler dressing up as the Fonz for some big old charity event. I was standing near him in front of my own little cubicle getting ready for the event and we were two of the last people getting ready. Downstairs there was paparazzi and flash bulbs going on and I remember specifically saying something to Mr. Winkler:

Me: “Hey, there’s a lot of commotion going on down there.”

Henry Winkler: “Yeah, they must be here to see me.”

Me: “But for what? I mean Happy Days is over. They’re obviously not here to interview you for MacGuyver.” (which he Produced)

Then Henry looked at me like I had stomped all over his crowning glory of Richard Dean Anderson and his little utility belt of everyday items and he turned into this huge monster with really amazingly sharp teeth. It was at that point that I looked behind me and saw the nerdy kid from Grease (the kid who only had a few lines when he wasn’t being chased by the hoodlums). He didn’t seem too pleased with this Henry Winkler turned big old monster with sharp teeth creature.

Nerd from Grease: “Oh, boy. Now you’ve done it. Don’t you know that you never insult MacGuyver in front of The Fonz?”

That was about the time I woke up. Using my dream guide, I have determined that the above dream can mean one of three things:

1. I think that I am as cool as The Fonz but nowhere near as cool as Richard Dean Anderson.

2. I have been having a lot of Happy Days lately with the new job, but am worried that these so-called Happy Days will go away soon as the production becomes a “monster”.

3. You should never ingest a bowl of Life Cereal, an orange, three Tootsie Rolls and four pieces of Orbitz gum (chewed, not swallowed for fear of the “gum in your stomach for 7 years urban legend”) within two hours of collapsing into REM sleep.

I’m open to other interpretations.

In other news — time flies. We’re already gearing up for another “Words For Your Enjoyment” tomorrow. Some e-mail suggestions have already come in, but you can still submit your ideas for what could end up being tomorrow’s highlighted post. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go back to bed.

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