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  • Paul Davidson

The Bottom Line on Adhesive Backing

I am serious when I tell you that I believe adhesive backing to be the most influential and world-changing invention ever created.

I am also tired, having had a mere 4 hours of sleep, prior to getting up and leaving for another day of grueling “craft service” eating, which includes ingesting any three combinations of the following items (names may be changed due to my lack of coherence): Pop Tarts, Chewy Fruit Things, Crunchy Chocolate Discs, Round Fruit-ish Objects, Dwarf-sized bottles of water, Circular Cones of Nuts & Fruit & Crunchy Chocolate Discs (Mini-Version) and much much more.

But how many of us turned to our friends the day the U.S. Postal Service finally carted out the most-amazing set of stamps with adhesive backing and said something to the effect of: “Finally! Our lives have finally been changed for the better!”

I did. And I wasn’t tired back then.

Since the U.S. Postal Service made the jump to the world of adhesive backing and applied it to their mainstream money-maker “the stamp”, there have been a variety of other products that have done the same. From those hooky-things you affix to the back of your bathroom doors; to little velcro strips that you can affix to the back of your bathroom doors; to the backsides of portable fire-alarms that can be affixed to the back of your…. er… some door, somewhere… Stickiness is abound!

Double-sided tape. Insoles for your shoes. Portable wall phones. Stickiness makes the world go round and without it we’d be inundated with things like screws and wall anchors and saliva excretion on a daily basis. But alas, these things are not the case. Adhesive backing of all kinds has stepped up and provided the civilized world with something we can “stick to.” (Oh boy I kill myself.)

Stick to. Get it?

Well, that’s the bottom line. And I’m st- Umm… And I’m gonna just have to go ahead and say that yes, oh boy, that IS the bottom line.

In other news — there is so much to tell you all about said [WAS ONCE UNDISCLOSED, THEN DISCLOSED, THEN HARDLY EVER TALKED ABOUT FOR FEAR OF BEING SUED] show. And I will do so when “the ears” are not listening.

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