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  • Paul Davidson

The Beginning…

You may not know me.

You may not want to know me.

In fact, if you know me and don’t want to know me — then two double negatives equal a positive which should, by my eye, cause you to suddenly feel an overwhelming desire to get to know me better. And if all of that makes sense, please — keep reading.

I am a writer of all things large and small. Cable movies, greeting cards, television commercial copy, reality shows, screenplays, television scripts and books. We can’t forget the books.

It was back in August of 2001 that I came up with the idea to write Consumer Joe. It took six months to write the letters and get the responses. It took six months to get the idea sold to Random House/Broadway books. It took six more months to get the clearances. It took six more months to edit and design. What is that, like two years?

Two long years.

Yet here we sit on the eve of the release of my first book “Consumer Joe: Harassing Corporate America, One Letter at a Time”. Things have been starting to pick up. From some great quotes, to coverage in Entrepreneur Magazine and Reader’s Digest — the attention is starting and the numbers are climbing.

My rating once was 1,670,000. Today it sits at a paltry 6,003.

My B& rating once was 750,000. Today it sits at 62,282.

For a man whose O.C.D.’s were once concentrated on soap and toothpicks, I now have a new obsession. Online sales rankings.

My goal in starting this blog, glob, globber, blogger – whatever the hell it is, is to document the process of a book’s release. From the day to day publicity, to the success or failure. I will be here with myself all the way — and if people from the real world come to watch, all the better. Just bring a six pack.

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