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Sunday’s Product Placement Post

As I write this, I’m pouring a 15.2 fl oz bottle of Odwalla Orange Juice down my throat. This bottle, in fact, is made from Valencias which are a specific kind of oranges that make Odwalla Orange Juice the tasty morning treat that it is.

The weekend has been a non-stop FOX weekend — filled with movies like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and trips to Target, Home Depot, Jamba Juice, Bed Bath & Beyond and Toys ‘R Us not to mention the wonderhaus of DVD, Tower Records & Video.

There was a point whenst I was hungry and wanted a salad. At that point, I went to a place called California Pizza Kitchen and picked up a salad and a Coca Cola. Of course, on the way home from picking up such delictable items, I saw a billboard that was an advertisement for all Coca Cola products. Were you aware that Coca Cola owns Dasani and PowerAde? That got me to thinking about Pepsi which owns Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

Yes, we are in a world of product placement it seems. When you list out your day and what you’ve done, can anyone actually outline a day without having used or eaten or thought about a product sold by big business USA?

There are some people who can. People who shop for natural food at farmer’s markets and go through a day cooking their own food, drinking water from the tap and telling stories in front of the fireplace and laughing the whole live long day.

Not me.

I fill my day with a myriad of product placement — from television to movies, from bottled water to candy, from video games to computer products, from Bugles to Pringles. From Chili’s to Koo Koo Roo. I am a one man consumption machine, and I am proud of it.

Are you?

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