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Sunday’s Extremely, No-Holds Barred, Happy Blog Post

Oh, I’ll bet you can’t keep from smiling by the time this post is done with.

Uh huh… I see you. You’re trying to keep your lips from turning upwards into the form of a smile. Oooh! I see how you try to guard your face so you don’t see me making these weird facial expressions. I’m like Rich Little over here! Or Jim Carrey! Face of rubber, you’re thinking to yourself! You wish Mr. Face of Rubber would just stop making those goofy expressions!!

You are so happy right now it isn’t even funny.

Actually, it IS funny! When you think about how happy you are and how that smile is just creeping up on you at this very moment you almost can’t help thinking about the fact that there’s something funny going on here. Whilst you wish you could stop thinking about funny happy silly things and think about things like how you’re going to un-clog that bathroom sink or how you’re going to find a way to tell your co-worker that there’s a spelling mistake in their signature on their e-mails, you really can’t move away from thinking about how damn happy you are on this wonderful, happy, glorious Sunday!

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

I see it now. Oh boy do I see it. Your smile is cracking worse than the San Andreas faultline here in California. If you’re not from California I can so see you smiling as you think about the fact that we’re all going to die here in Cali while you and yours won’t die at all at the hands of an earthquake. Tornado, maybe. Weapons of mass destruction, sure. But earthquakes? No way!

Hahahaha. So funny. It’s just mind-blowing how funny and out of control it all is!

(Are you smiling yet?)

Man, making people smile is tough.

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