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Steve Zissou vs. Me

Having just seen the brand new Wes Anderson movie, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou I have decided that, instead of giving away key plot points to the movie, I would instead give you a brief overview that I drew up in my head as I watched the movie.

Steve Zissou is known for his adventurous underwater exploring. I drink a lot of carbonated water, which fills up my belly and which requires me to visit the “loo” on a regular basis which becomes an adventure unto itself.

Steve Zissou has battled pirates. I saw The Pirate Movie starring Kristy MacNichol in the early 80’s and enjoyed it immensely, especially because they were showing the premiere music video for “Who Can It Be Now” by Men at Work before the movie, which was both ahead of its time and pretty cool to see.

Steve Zissou has a son in the movie, played by Owen Wilson. I like the sun, and often sit in it for minutes at a time until I smell a burning sensation which is my signal to get up, go inside, and scream loudly like I’ve just been shot.

Steve Zissou has a nemesis, played by Jeff Goldblum. I too, have a nemesis whose name is Jeff Goldblum, but is, in actuality, the delivery guy for the local deli in my town and he’s always forgetting to put in the silverware (plastic) and the napkins no matter how many times I tell him to and now it’s just getting to be a huge problem.

Steve Zissou is running low on money and asks his wife to ask her parents to loan him some money for his next big project. I, well, have done the exact same thing.

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