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  • Paul Davidson

Six Attractive People In A Coffee Shop

Hoo, boy.

Tonight is the night that everyone and their mother and their hamsters and their parakeets will be sitting “trapped” in front of their television screens around 8pm so they can catch the final episode for the hit peacock show, Six Attractive People in a Coffee Shop.

Over the course of Six Attractive People in a Coffee Shop‘s run, we have spent time with the attractive but weird nose girl, the hyper and lanky psycho girl, the O.C.D. obsessed multi-hyphenated last name in real life girl, the “I can’t stop taking pain killers” but I’m still funny guy, the “I’m going to make billions of dollars acting stupid” guy and who can forget the pretty boring guy who buys DVD porn on Sunset Strip guy.

Really, I’m sad just thinking about them disappearing from the television landscape.

Tonight, television advertisements being played during the finale of this show will be paying $2 million dollars per 30 second spot.

Hold on for me a second here.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Ha. Haha. Cough. Haha. OK.

Really, as the panic sets in around me as I think about what my life will be without my set of attractive TV peeps, I can only hope that the one who pretends to be stupid will come back to the landscape with a show that entertains me more than this one.

Although, when I think about the movie he did with a baseball-playing monkey, I can only imagine that I’ll never watch TV ever again.

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