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Second Printing! (And the Juice)

It’s official. Consumer Joe has just gone into a second printing. What does that mean?

It means that the publisher has basically sold out of all the thousands of books it printed as FIRST EDITIONS, and now they go back and print a SECOND EDITION of the book. What does that mean for people who bought the first edition? Instead of being worth $12.95, it’s probably now worth a whopping $12.99. Or, in some countries, $13.10. Better than the stock market when it comes to a good investment!

And hopefully, it also means that the publisher will now put some additional monies into publicizing the book and getting it on tables at the fronts of book stores. In some stores, especially Barnes & Noble, it’s happening already. But you know, for the slacker book stores.

Jamba Juice is actually selling my book in it’s stores!

After shooting out an e-mail today to my Consumer Joe Mailing List to announce the second printing, a few people told me they saw it in Jamba Juice stores. If you haven’t read the book, it won’t make sense, but if you have — you’ll remember that Jamba Juice is included in the book in a great set of exchanges. The fact that they’re selling them in a lot of their stores, is really cool.

And the very most exciting news of the day? I’m going to the allergist very soon. Should be fun.

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