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Robots Are Going to Take Over the World (Or Climb a Set of Stairs)

The signs are many. From Terminator 1, 2 & 3 to The Matrix, really smart scientists and male screenwriters who want to be women (read: Andy Wachowski) have predicted through their creations that someday robots will take over the world. Insert soundtrack music from the famous NBC mini-series V here. Or feel free to hum something on your own as long as it’s scary and in a minor-key (think flats and sharps music people).

Today, I happened to find my way to a very interesting little presentation at the Los Angeles Science Museum put on by Honda — who have created the most intelligent robot ever made by man. His name is Asimo (which I thought was based on the writer Isaac Asimov, but when I was told that wasn’t the case my mind came up with its own explanation for its meaning)…

A Sentient Intelligent Moving Optometrist

No writer has ever created a future where all robots do is prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses for their clients. I think I just may have something here.

In the meantime — (if you have fast Internet connection) check out this freaky-ass video of Asimo walking up and down some stairs. It may take a second to load, but it’s worth it just to see this eerie creature work on developing the muscles in his calves and ass. Please note, there is no sound in an attempt to make it load faster, so again, please provide a second piece of music on your own, preferably something from the Halloween soundtrack.

I will continue to develop my new screenplay about robots who take over the eye-glass profession, which I have now decided to call, The Day the Earth Stood Still So That Sentient Robot Optometrists Could Put Eyedrops in Human’s Eyes So They Could Determine if They Have a Stigmatism Or Not, Part 2.

(FYI – Part One never made it to Sundance.)

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