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  • Paul Davidson

Raising Eyebrows

Not to be confused with Raising Arizona.

I have had three people raise their eyebrows at me lately, which has communicated three things to me.

1. They have not had botox injections, or else they would have no ability to express any kind of eyebrow raising emotional reactions. 2. They are either excited, concerned or interested in something I am doing. 3. They are confident that they have plucked all stray eyebrow hairs from their brow.

I’m feeling like people are doing a lot of eyebrow raising lately in the current climate and I’m unsure what’s caused it to become so popular. Everywhere I go there’s some fool raising their eyebrows at me. It’s weird. Is it just me? Is there some underground group of do-gooders going around each day with the goal of raising their eyebrows at unsuspecting victims in an attempt to cause the non-eyebrow raising public to wonder together in a collective wondering-thought, just what’s so exciting or interesting about them?

I don’t think it has anything to do with the stray piece of toilet paper on my shoe, FYI.

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