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Production Diary 1.429

Things are heating up.

Mind you, not like the 100 plus degree weather in Los Angeles, but heating up in their own rainy sort of cloudy way here in Dallas, Texas. I never thought I’d say I was glad to be away from Los Angeles’ perpetually constant good-weather mode.

I’ve had a lot of great opportunities over the last few days. From eating at an amazing steak house to getting lost on the freeways down here (why would you call a freeway 35 East when it only goes North and South!?), to sitting in a press box watching the Mavericks almost beat the Kings to buying socks at a Walmart in the middle of nowhere that turned out to be way too thin and caused blisters in my new phat-daddy Adidas sneakers.

There’s been a lot of (what I consider) great press lately for The Benefactor, from this hilarious Benefactor vs. Apprentice exchange going on between Cuban and Trump to the general hubabaloo about all the new “rich-man/host” reality shows coming down the pike. But as things move into overdrive here in the lovely state of Texas, I can tell you that I will eat my left foot if this show doesn’t do well.

It’s nice to work on a show that entertains and amuses you.

In other news — one of those “things that could happen and make me very happy” has not happened and so I have replaced that “thing that could happen and make me very happy” with just attempting to try and figure out how to set the clock in my hotel room. It could happen, I’m sure of it.

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