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Production Diary 1.424

Tonight the Dallas Mavericks beat the Sacramento Kings. And I was there.

Sitting in some pretty damn great seats courtesy of the people at the Mavericks themselves, drinking a beer and eating a salted pretzel. They also had these pretty-freakin’ cool things you blow up, then bang together which creates enough noise to cause the opposing team member who’s trying to make a free-throw shot mess up. Really, pure genius.

I spent the day today working on a small crew with Mark Cuban himself. Once again, even on game day (mere hours before game start) he’s cool, calm, collected and funny. What we were shooting, I’ll leave to your imagination but I will tell you that there are these amazing bunkers below the main court at the American Airlines Arena where they play. Cuban has one, Ross Perot, Jr. has another, and there’s a third and forth allocated to other high-rollers.

The bunker itself is sweet. Bar, full bathroom & shower, office and a viewing room with so many HD Flat Screen monitors on one wall you’d think you were on the Starship Enterprise (circa Jean Luc Picard). I couldn’t even imagine what it costs to keep those things on a yearly basis, but it’s par for the course I guess.

Since tomorrow is a somewhat light day, it’ll give me the opportunity to get my bearings around Dallas. There’s steak joints people keep mentioning, there’s the Upper and Lower Greenville areas which are supposed to be good, and if I have a spare 3 hours I may just drive on up to Austin, Texas.

Uh huh. Like I’ll have a spare 3 hours.

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