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Production Diary 1.423

People have been e-mailing me.

Just so all of you people who have been e-mailing me about a particular television show know… I am legally unable to answer your questions or your e-mails. Not that I don’t like you or don’t find you amusing, but there’s a very fine line (legally) that I can’t cross since I’m involved in the show. Must stay neutral. Must…must fight against my desire to talk… Must avoid a five-million dollar law suit.

It’s unfortunate, because the blabber-mouth inside of me would love to just tell you all everything, but then the creative/producer part of me knows that would obviously ruin the show. It’s all about surprises. All about wonder and excitement. All about avoiding that five-million dollar law suit.

I ate a ‘Po’ Boy’ sandwich today. That’s a sandwich made up of freshly sliced (not so fresh) meat which is slapped on a bun with a bit of BBQ sauce and handed to you on a plastic dinner plate not unlike the kind you’d find at a Sizzler buffet. Good stuff. I also determined today that any and all sandwich/sub places (when they put lettuce on your sandwich) don’t have the California-style shredded lettuce. Instead, it’s this handful of unevenly chopped pieces of lettuce. I don’t know how I feel about it, so I’m going to have to stew on that one for awhile.

Went to an ultra-private (I’m told) club last night that I was only able to get into because of my sparkling personality, affiliation with a certain show and my company. But alas, when I reached the front door and met my favorite New Yorker, who relocated to Dallas (obviously) to become a bouncer of an ultra-private Dallas night spot, he had things to say to me:

Sal: You’re not allowed to wear jeans in here.

Me: Yeah, but they’re nice jeans.

Sal: I’m going to have to ask Johnny about this.

Sal gets on his F.B.I. headset and speaks into his hand.

Sal: Yeah, I got a Paul Davidson down here…

Me: Paul Davidson from that TV show…

Sal: Yeah, he’s wearing jeans. Yeah. No, he looks OK. OK.

Sal puts down his hand.

Sal: You’re OK, Paul. Go on in.

Moral of the story? In Los Angeles, I would have never gotten in. In Dallas, I did. The significance is huge and the bottom line is earth-shattering. I just need some time to figure out what that significance is.

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