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  • Paul Davidson

Pigs Eat Hair

Somebody saw me eating sausage this morning.

She saw me eating the sausage then came up to me and said that she didn’t eat sausage or bacon at all because as far as she knew from reading National Geographic and other scientific magazines and papers that “pigs eat anything” and that didn’t make her feel comfortable.

Further investigation got me additional answers which included the fact that pigs will eat hair, dirt, other pigs and human flesh if you feed it to them and because of that she would never eat any pig-related products whatsoever. Chickens were okay because they eat chicken feed. Cows are okay because they are vegetarians.

I think the bigger issue here is that you can’t generalize about any race or animal. I am 100% positive that there are pigs out there who do not like eating human flesh and find that maybe it doesn’t digest well and it gives them stomach aches. I am also 100% positive that there are some cows out there who love running down a helpless human, trampling them, then eating their flesh just for sport.

So don’t tell me you’re not eating bacon and sausage because pigs eat anything.

In other news — I have been lucky enough to get tickets to the third game of the Mavericks/Kings 1st Round Playoff game. So, watch for me when it airs this Saturday night on television. I’ll be the guy holding a pig, who happens to be subtly nibbling on his hair.

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