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  • Paul Davidson

People Who Pronounce “Coincidence”, “Ko-ink-eee-dink”

The reason behind it is as shrouded in mystery as the Great Pyramid of Gisa and the Bermuda Triangle.

There are people out there, and no one knows why, but they feel the strange need to pronounce the word “coincidence” — ko-ink-ee-dink.

Usually, when someone says that word, just the way in which they pronounce it communicates to me that they want you to think that they’re (a) cute, (b) clever, (c) on some kind of mood altering prescribed psychological enhancer, (d) currently the mother or father to a 6 month old baby, (e) from Utah, (f) funny, (g) an etymologist who never really studied much…or (h) annoying.

The same, of course, could be said about people who want to “axe you a question”, but really — aren’t they just too easy to skewer?

I think so.

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