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One Week Out (Or, Bold Italic Underline)

I am one week out from leaving Los Angeles.

At the same time I say that, I wonder what Leaving Las Vegas would have been about if Mike Figgis made that movie in Los Angeles instead of Las Vegas. I figure Nicholas Cage still probably would have been an alcoholic and Elizabeth Shue would still have been a prostitute, except for the fact that Elizabeth Shue’s profession would be illegal, and Nicholas Cage probably would have fallen into the pool of a hip, star-studded hotel, instead of a crappy side-o-the-road one. And there probably would have been a shot of Angelyne somewhere in the movie because when you’re a Director/hack and you make a movie in Los Angeles, your original-idea-providing brain always says to your head immediately, “Hey! We gotta have a shot of that Angelyne billboard! It’s so LA!”

But I digress.

I will be taking off for Dallas, Texas a week from today and will be working full force as a Producer on The Benefactor. Things have been crazy around the offices these days with piles of casting tapes all over the place, and the powers-that-be (the real bigtime Executive Producers) making the tough decisions. I just try to decide if I’m going to eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Oatmeal for breakfast. After that, well, most of the hard decisions are behind me.

Oh, p-shaw. So not the truth. (In A Robot Voice: “I am an intregal part of the machine. A cog, but an important cog in the machine. Such an important cog that my ridges are oiled on an hourly basis.”)

I’m pretty damn excited about the show, though, and going to Dallas. It’s going to be a blast! And what’s even cooler is the fact that I plan on challenging myself to eat a 72 ounce steak in one sitting. If I emerge unscathed you can expect that the Guiness Book of World Records will be contacting me. Then I’ll be famous. Even more famous than I am now.

That would rock.

In other news — I am extremely concerned about my over-usage of italics to emphasize my points. I am also extremely concerned about my under-usage of bold to emphasize extremely important points to the readers. And I am overtly concerned about my almost non-existent usage of underline to denote a book or article that I have read recently.

Basically, I need to be reading more articles and books.

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