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  • Paul Davidson

Not So <i>Lost</i>

You’d think with May sweeps upon us, ABC would do all they could to keep people intrigued and immersed in the world that is Lost.

I, myself, have been intrigued lately, especially with Lost‘s Michael. A single African-American father who went to Sydney in the first place after his wife had suddenly passed away, Michael reconnected with his son (who he hadn’t seen in years) and then the two of them (and their dog) crashed down on a remote island in the Ocean. Really, Michael has not had it easy. And I felt for him.

Lately, I’ve been real proud of the guy, though. You know, he’s spearheading this whole “build a raft” campaign and before long I expect that he may just try to get off the Island and return to the mainland. He’s a good bean, that Michael. Dedicated, tough, and a real go-getter.

Yet my opinion of him totally changed this past Sunday.

I was out at The Grove mall in Hollywood over at the Nordstrom’s when my eyes almost bugged out of my head. Right there, at the edge of the shoe department, there was this guy shaking hands with another guy. This guy had a blonde woman on one arm, and a little girl on the other.

This guy, was Michael.

Now, I don’t know if I missed a show here or there over the course of the last few weeks (you never know with TiVo), but had I totally spaced on Michael actually finishing the raft, floating out to sea, getting rescued by a foreign freighter, brought back to the United States, sticking his son in a foster home, marrying his long lost blonde girlfriend and taking her child as his own, and then (for fun) going to Nordstrom’s to look at one-hundred fifty dollar pairs of shoes?

I didn’t think so.

Yet here he was, totally off the island! I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the whole thing and started to wonder if…just as those people on the island were being affected by some strange visions, that perhaps I was too.


You’d think ABC, with sweeps and all, would keep their castaways on their island in the middle of nowhere. Because the minute I run into Michael (who is supposed to be stranded on a beach) in the middle of a mall in the middle of Hollywood… Well, it ruins everything.

Now how am I supposed to watch tonight’s episode and get that image of him picking up a pair of Pumas in Nordstrom’s and kissing his blonde wife out of my head? I can’t. And you can’t either.

Damn you Hollywood. You ruin everything.

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