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Norah Jones

Is it completely ridiculous that I had no idea Norah Jones had a new album out? I loved her last one, and it took me surfing into Cool Mel’s Blog in order to find that out. That, however, got me thinking about female singers who I feel have yet to get their fame, and it reminded me of a song someone sent me the other day. That song? Flesh For Bones by Terra Naomi. Check her out — she’s someone who shouldn’t be selling her CD’s by herself; she should have a record contract.

Which brings me to American Idol which is back on FOX tonight. The ratings have been going through the roof, but that’s because the American Public loves to watch people who can’t sing make fools of themselves at the auditions. Now that we’re down to the “call in and vote on these singers” phase, I suspect the ratings will drop. Because really, quite honestly — who wants to watch people who CAN sing?

That’s why I go to Karaoke bars.

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