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New Year’s Resolutions

I couldn’t fall asleep last night and woke up my wife so that she could join me in my lack of sleep because when you can’t sleep having someone there who can be (albeit reluctantly) awake with you, it makes it all worth it. Instead of just laying there talking about the Universe or what we had to do this week in the world of errands, we talked a bit about this year and what goals we had.

I came to the conclusion that my past resolutions have not come to fruition. Some of them involved:

2001: Learning how to break-dance for the day it comes back into style (includes spinning on my head on one of those flat cardboard boxes)…

2002: Becoming a regular at a local karaoke bar so that when I got up to sing, everyone would be able to say my name in unison and make me feel wanted and loved…

2003: Getting back to my anal daily writing schedule, which lapsed this past year due to busiwork having to do with the tv show I produced, a screenplay that took the life out of me, and the book.

This being the first Monday of the new year, I have begun my quest.

People always say, if your goal is to be a professional writer (of which I guess I can now say I am seeing as though I’ve supported myself for 3 years now doing only that), you should be writing everyday. Not just blogger entries or notes on the fridge, but brainstorming and writing. The way I have worked in the past has always been in spurts. Off for a month or so, then hardcore writing every day to reach a goal. Two months later, another break, and so on. But I really came to the conclusion last night that in order to constantly be creative and productive, I have to be writing every single day. At least for an hour. Doesn’t matter what it is. Just writing.

Had I not made that resolution, this space may have been much shorter and about toupees. But alas, you got lucky.

Got a call today for a job as a Supervising Producer on a new ABC pilot, for which I’m going to interview tomorrow at Disney Studios. (We shall see what it’s all about.) Then Monday, I start working on that Comedy Central show for a few weeks. On top of that, there’s another VH1 show that I may be jumping on, too. That’s all in addition to the screenplay I’m going to write with my old writing partner (who happened to co-write a film that MTV put out last year), and move forward on my own project, as well as turning the book into a TV show.

I also plan on eating cookies. Lots of them.

Oh! And get this. I have been invited to the People’s Choice Awards this Sunday! Jen and I will be attending, and then going to the afterparty which we’re told will be giving out gift bags. Don’t know if you know about the rumored gift bags, but in Hollywood, these things are filled with pricey items. Especially after awards shows. Although, come to think of it, I went to the Critic’s Choice Awards last year, and although I stood right next to people like Kidman and Cruise, Spielberg and Beatty, Norton and Robin Williams — all the gift bag had was a bunch of beauty products.

Chicks dig ’em. I just like the sound they make when they go SQUISH.

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