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It’s Monday, right? But it’s a Holiday. So, technically, since it’s the day before the day people go back to work and people have today off like they would if it was Sunday, I offically dub today Mon-Sun-Day.

People I know hate that. I’ve mentioned it before. I’m obsessed (a common theme with me) about imagining it’s really a day it’s not so I can get the full feeling of a weekend and my time off without the peksy business of having to think about holidays. So, officially as I sit here on a Monday morning — I’m wondering to myself what time Alias and Sex and the City will be on tonight, that it’s too bad the California Chicken Cafe is closed today (it’s always closed on Sundays) and ugh, that tomorrow is Monday. I hate Mondays.

But I’m also happy because although today is Sunday, this weekend felt reallllllly long to me. For some strange reason I’ve done almost 2 and a half days of stuff in just Friday night and Saturday day/night. And now I have all day today (Sunday) to do whatever I want. (Including going to get an hour massage at Burke-Williams Spa).

See why people get annoyed by this thought process?

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