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Me and My Neighborhood (Plus, Updates!)

Pretty cool thing — technology. There’s this new feature you can find on my blog now if you scroll to the bottom of my little discolored bar at the right. At the bottom you’ll see something listed as Check Out My Neighbors. If you click on the green button below it, you’ll be able to see what other blogs are being published in and around my hometown of Los Angeles, CA. Great way to waste time! Congratulations for finding it!

As you may or may not have noticed, I have now updated the sidebar with January’s latest tidbits of useless information. You definitely must waste more time over there. In addition, I have begun to think about additional time wasters for all of you surfing at work.

January 8th through the 14th is, get this — Universal Letter Writing Week. Search Google, you’ll see what I mean. It’s mentioned everywhere, except for whether or not it’s an actual government-sanctioned week of observance. Either way, it struck me as a wonderful publicity tie-in for Consumer Joe. I’ll let you know if the wonderful people at Random House deem the tie-in worthy of spending money on more PR for the book.

And speaking of the book (you know I couldn’t resist) — I believe we had some really good sales over the holidays. Haven’t gotten the final numbers yet, but my spies across the USA have reported that every store that was sold out, got more, sold them out and got even more. Keep spending those hard-earned dollars!

And finally — some news about what’s going on with me. We’ll start with book stuff.

1. My next book proposal has begun the rounds at my agency, and we’re going to see if the powers that be think it’s worthy of shopping it to the publishers. I prefer not to give away what it’s about, but I’ll tell you that this particular book is a fun, unique humor book that we haven’t seen yet in stores before. Quick read, even more so than Consumer Joe. It’s one of those list-type books, but exactly what the list is, I’ll keep you in the dark.

2. My second book proposal was just shot off to the agent today (I did a lot of writing today). This one, again, I’ll keep quiet about – but it required me finally punching out a sample essay for the book (I can at least tell you it’s a book of essays on a certain subject), and it was good to get back to the computer after a week of eating and gluttony. Turned out great, so I’m stoked on that.

3. Also worked on a feature film treatment today for the company behind the Harry Potter movies. I have been talking to them lately after they read a previous spec of mine, and they sent me home with an article/short story they had purchased the rights to. I took that piece of writing as inspiration and came back to them with a full-fleshed out idea for the movie version of it. After some calls and clarifications, I punched out a detailed outline of what the movie would be. I probably won’t get any real reaction until the week of the 5th — but it was good. Fingers crossed.

4. I start some development work on January 12th for a Comedy Central show that my friend Jude is the Executive Producer of. It’s a really freakishly-funny idea for a show, based on a website, and I’ll get in there and help develop the show bible with a small creative team; then jump on the show if the network decides to move forward.

5. I took the dog for a walk.

Some good movement on stuff, including getting into the legal negotiation stages for possibly turning my book into a TV show. We shall see.

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