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Me and Denzel Washington

I saw Denzel Washington yesterday. He was positioning one of those tripods with really sharp legs in the middle of a road, looking through the viewfinder at some landmark across the street. Why he was doing that, when Out of Time had just come out on DVD, I have no idea.

I approached him. When was I ever going to get a chance at this again?

Me: Excuse me!

Denzel: Yeah?

Me: Hi. I’m Paul!

Denzel: Sorta working here, Paul.

(FYI – I have read that Denzel is a way hard worker. When he’s working, don’t get me started, you can’t pry this guy away for anything!! Premiere Magazine, December 2003)

Me: I loved Out of Time! Even Dean Cain was good in that flick!

Denzel: Out of, what?

Me: Time?

Denzel: Twelve thirty.

(Denzel was a kidder.)

Me: What are you doing, like researching a part for a movie role?

Denzel: Yeah, the one where I work a sixty hour week, support five kids and two ex-wives while finding no time for my own hopes or dreams.

(Daaaaaamn. Was he good!)

Me: That’s awesome!!

(Denzel turned, glared at me with an uncomfortable stare.)

Denzel: Kid, step back on the sidewalk and give it a rest.

(I did so. He can be so overpowering in the way he speaks his lines.)

Me: I love your work! Just wanted to tell you that.

Denzel: Thanks. That really means a whole hell of a lot.

And just like that, Denzel went back to whatever he was doing. A mystery, an enigma wrapped in a crunchy shell — he was still out there later in the day at a different intersection with the tripod. For me, it was an exhilirating experience because sometimes I just don’t take a risk and approach my favorite actors (or I do and I look stupid).

This time, I can honestly say that if there was any stupidity, it was nowhere near the vicinity of me!

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