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  • Paul Davidson

Lily Costner — Miss Golden Globes 2004

“Isn’t it exciting to see your daughter getting into the business?” Joan Rivers asked Kevin Costner on the red carpet of the 2004 Golden Globe Awards tonight. Isn’t it neat that his daughter, who really isn’t getting into the business, has been chosen to usher people on and off the stage at tonight’s Golden Globes? Isn’t it just darling?

Doesn’t it make you sick?

I think the concept of a Miss Golden Globes is an attempt to provide someone with yet another “resume-filler” credit that really means nothing more than “my parents are stars and I someday hope to be a star as well and figure that by being chosen as Miss Golden Globes, I will probably be considered to be a star-in-the-making and gee, that’ll help me get an agent.”

It makes me sick.

The big question of the day is this — is it safe to feed dogs that rice/corn puffed stuff with monterey jack cheese sprinkled all over it? You know, Pirate’s Booty?

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