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Le Produccion Diaree 1.516

Did I mention I will be home on Wednesday?

Believe it or not, this whole thing has flown by at such a breakneck speed that if you told me four weeks ago I’d be sitting here today telling you that I was going home on Wednesday and that it had flown by at such a breakneck speed, I would probably ask you who came up with the word “breakneck” and why it makes me think of mobsters collecting owed funds instead of referring to a “quickness”.

Then again, that’s just me.

Me and my fellow worker bees on the show have been talking a lot about the show lately. The buzz has begun and we’re all wildly talking about this episode and that episode and how great it has turned out and how awesome it’s going to be and how soon it’s going to be on (this July). We can’t get over the great moments and drama and chaos surrounding these 16 people in their quest for one million dollars.

Literally, it’s like playing a huge interactive game. In fact, something that I have always found so funny over the course of the production is in relation to what we call “the bat phone.”

Obviously we have this huge control room with tons and tons of monitors that show you what’s going on in every nook of the mansion that the contestants live in. If you’re looking for someone, you just stare at the wall of digital pictures and can figure out where they’re at. But there’s also this white phone that when you pick it up, it automatically rings in the house. Contestants run to pick it up in anticipation of what information they may be receiving.

I just like picking it up and watching them run.

I won’t say that I’ve been treating the cast like laboratory rats, because that would be incorrect and way off. But I will say that I marvel at the technology behind the bat phone and how the sound of a ringing telephone brings them running from all over the house.

Can someone say “Skinner box”?

So, this weekend and over the course of the next few days I will be wrapping up my particular elements of the show and truck on back to L.A. where I will continue to work as a writer on the show — crafting really clever tag lines, promo copy and story elements for the edited versions of the show. It will take me well through June but allow me to do it from an office, back at home. Which is, as always, nice.

I’m looking forward to getting back. It seems like, although the time has flown at a quick pace not to be confused with breakneck, that moments that happened mere weeks ago seem like years ago. It’s trippy stuff.

Aaah, time. Who woulda thunk?

In other news, I must tell you that there is a good possibility that a part of me may end up on one of the shows. What it is, I cannot say. How it will happen, no mere mortal will be sure. But if it does, you can be guaranteed that it will far exceed the first five episodes of the classic Fox show, Get A Life.

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