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Lawlessness & Disorderly People/Activities

It’s the name of a new TV show I have come up with.

I am a big fan of Law & Order and all the law and order-esque television shows that find their way into the Top 30 ratings on a weekly basis. People love shows where the law takes control and arrests the criminals and the lawyers get to fight their cases in front of a judge and jury.

But really, isn’t it getting a bit old already?

That’s why I have created Lawlessness & Disorderly People/Activities: a wordy, yet comprehensive hour long drama that spits in the face of the Law & Order franchise and asks the question, “What happens when lawlessness and disorderly people/activites overrun a city where there is no law and order? What happens when the lawless and the disorderly get a show all to themselves? What happens when a show is created as the first show ever to have one of those “/” things in the title?

Well, you may never know. But we can always dream.

In the pilot episode of Lawlessness & Disorderly People/Activities we meet a bunch of lawless hoodlums who run amok in the city and cause chaos at every corner. No one can stop them because they live in a city that has no police! It is a city without order, as well, and even if you wanted to step up as a brave concerned citizen and do one of those citizen’s arrest thingies on those hoodlums, you’d be screwed because, get this — there are no courthouses, judges or lawyers!. You might ask yourself — what kind of crazy city is this that has no police, lawyers or courthouses?

It’s Seattle. In the year 2025.

Which makes me think I titled the show wrong. I’m amending the title of the show, now that I’ve incorporated the future aspect of it all (which is the only way this no police no lawyer scenario makes sense) to: Lawlessness & Disorderly People/Robots/Activites in the Future That They Call The Crazy Futuristic Year of Two-Thousand Twenty Five!!!

No one will ever forget a name like that.

Each week, the lawlessness and disordery people/robots in the year 2025 who happen to be living in Seattle (which got rid of the whole organized law thing because they wanted same-sex marriages and the only way to make that happen was to abolish law altogether) will wreak havoc on the city of Seattle and which causes the people of Seattle to wonder if this was all worth it for being able to marry their partners. And the people who were against getting rid of the law in Seattle are even more pissed off now that there’s so much chaos on a weekly basis.

What are they to do, you wonder?

That’s where Gibbons St. James comes into the picture. A rogue with a chip on his shoulder, he was born in Rhode Island and comes from a long long family tree filled with lawmen and navy fighter pilots. He has heard of the chaos in Seattle and because his cousin is gay — also can understand both sides of the problem. He arrives and starts cleaning up the city. Thing is, if Gibbons St. James is going to clean up the city, the title should reflect that fact. Last time. Here’s the new title:

Lawlessness & Disorderly People/Robots/Activites in the Future That They Call The Crazy Futuristic Year of Two-Thousand Twenty Five, Which Will Soon Be Cleaned Up By Rogue Navy Fighter Pilot Gibbons St. James Who Really Isn’t A Navy Fighter Pilot But Comes From A Family Where People Were Navy Fighter Pilots Which Gives Him The Opportunity To Call Himself One And Clean Up The Crazy Futuristic City of Seattle 2025!!!

Which reminds me — Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century came out on DVD this week.

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