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  • Paul Davidson

Jennifer Garner’s Freaky Toe

Although Jennifer Garner is a cute girl, an endearing actress and kicks some major ass on Alias, she sure has one big flaw. A flaw, that up until now, no one in any major media outlet has noticed. She has one damn weird freaky toe. Take a look at her right foot’s pinky-toe in Exhibits A, B and C.

Exhibit A and Exhibit B are photos taken on the set of Garner’s latest movie, 13 Going On 30. Exhibit C is from the actual webpage of the movie, and you can plainly see that the Power Brokers in Hollywood have doctored Garner’s freaky-ass toe. They don’t want you to know that America’s latest sweetheart has a deformity.

Although you’d be hard-pressed to find many close-up pictures of Garner’s right-foot pinky toe anywhere on the Internet, I can tell you this. Her pinky toe does not grow out of her foot like normal toes. Instead, it appears to grow out from just above the toe next to the pinky toe.

This is a groundbreaking, high-profile find. And you heard it here first.

What does it all mean for us and Garner? For us, we can laugh and be happy knowing that our freaky-ass feet are nothing compared to an “A-list” star’s pinky toe. For Garner, if anyone important reads this, it could change the course of her career into areas unknown.

We must treat this information with respect, reverence and raucous laughter.

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