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  • Paul Davidson

It’s True, I Can Still Wang Chung Like The Rest of Them

Some people don’t believe me when I tell them.

But really, seriously, honestly. I am so a part of that microcosm of society that can go out, have fun on any given night and when I’m finished having fun on that particular given night, I’ll go one step further and Wang Chung till the cows come home.

Sure, having fun was always easy. The drinking and the socializing and the practical jokes on your best friend’s neighbor. There was loud music and tailgating, beer bongs and frozen margaritas and lots of flirting. And these things didn’t happen during the daytime. It was all about the night. Everybody, and I mean every single person including myself, was having fun that night.

There was chugging, but very little Wang Chung’ing. Except for me.

Sure, across the nation and around the world – everybody was having fun. But to really commit and put yourself on the line. To really take a step out into the whipping wind and raise your hand and admit to the whole Wang Chung thing… It was bold and brave. It was groundbreaking. It was amazing that I never got my own TV show, you know, highlighting the whole Wang Chung-ness of it all.

These days, things have slowed down. But they have not ceased. I still go out and have fun at night and I still go out and Wang Chung at night. I am confident that sooner or later the rest of my fellow Chungers will realize that the movement is still happening and that just as I am Chung-ing along…they too are doing the same.

And if you don’t believe that I can still Wang Chung like the rest of them, well, you’re just not worth my time.

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