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  • Paul Davidson

It’s a Wrap!

I’m done.

I’ll be heading home tomorrow to Los Angeles and will return to some kind of normal life in regards to actually being able to wake up in my own bed. (Although, why would anyone complain about having their own bed made for them every single day?)

The show rocks. It has turned out to be something very very cool and my hopes are that ABC puts the marketing and publicity muscle behind the show and gives it a really good chance to succeed. In the end, though, just knowing how much work I’ve put in and being able to see positive results from that labor is enough. Enough to get me through my flight home on Wednesday. After that I want to see HUGE ratings, people. So, snap to it — apply to be a Neilsen family. (You know, if your big brother controlled TiVo isn’t currently connected.)

As for my experiences in Dallas, I have had many. Some of which included eating an amazing steak, sitting in a box at two of the four NBA playoff games at the Maverick’s home arena, shopping at Dallas area Walmarts, Jamba Juices, California Pizza Kitchens and Chipolte establishments; seeing Kill Bill Volume 2 at a movie theater, ordering room service, driving the Tollway while possessing the holy grail of Toll tags, experiencing the shocking experience of what they call a “thunder storm”, sending clothing to an unnamed laundry and getting back less than I sent and meeting the one and only Mark Cuban.

I know — I might as well have stayed in Los Angeles.

In other news, I have come up with a wonderful idea for an animated CGI movie about a talking shoelace named “Strappy.” I will be sharing with you the experiences that Strappy has while laced into the shoes of a wannabe political candidate and his whirlwind tour across America.

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