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Indie Pen Dance Day

Boy, wouldn’t it be great if this day could also double as a holiday where you would collect all your non-brand-name pens (i.e., non Bic or Papermate) and let them dance until they were too tired to dance?

That would be awesome.

Instead, today is the day that children across this country will blow off parts of their hands and faces as they play with lighters and firecrackers. Today is the day that people will eat more potato salad and cole slaw than any other day of the year. Today is the day that I will be heading out to the Davidson family reunion.

The Davidsons have this family reunion in Los Angeles every single July 4th, which makes me wonder (not aloud but in print) if this is really all legal? Can you have a reunion every single year and call it a reunion? I don’t think so. You can call it a “yearly event” but a reunion? Those things happen in milestone years…every five, every ten, every twenty. But every year?

I think not.

Hope everyone has a wonderful eating day today and that you still have ten fingers, ten toes, two ears and a nose when the day has closed.

(Please visualize my generic fountain pen doing the Macarena, The Roger Rabbit and The Electric Slide, here.)

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