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  • Paul Davidson

In The Continuing Tradition of Good, Not Great

Collateral was good, not great.

I will not give away any spoilers. I will not tell you how it ends. I will not tell you about Cruise’s performance nor will I tell you about Jamie Foxx’s subtle performance. I will not even tell you about the trailers I saw before said movie, which were (as well), subtle.

I am a big fan of Michael Mann, having loved Heat and The Insider. I enjoy the minimalist style he uses and the gritty digital filmmaking technologies he uses to give his films an aged look. I especially love how his last name reminds me of the classic NBC show Manimal where a guy was able to change back and forth between a human being and a panther, eagle and some other animal. He was sort of a modern day Wonder Twin (the one who didn’t turn into useless water pails and ice sculptures but the one who turned into flying and running mammals).

Hope I didn’t ruin the movie for you.

In other news, the 2nd Annual WFME Blog Treasure Hunt continues, and will continue to run until three people have won. So far, one lucky reader has cracked the code and I feel as though others are close on their heels. Oooh, the horror!

Continued good luck.

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