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If You Don’t Want To Read About My Middle-of-the-Road Good News, Skip This Post

I found out today I have made it to the quarter-finals of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences screenwriting fellowship program – The Nicholl Fellowship.

The Nicholl Fellowship basically invites anyone who hasn’t had huge monetary success in the area of screenwriting for Film & TV to send in a screenplay, apply, and try to snag one of the 5 spots they allocate to the winning screenplays/writers. The winners get a fellowship check for $30,000 and their names and scripts are provided to the Hollywood community. (This means agents for those that don’t have them, possible writing gigs and a potential script sale. Worst case scenario: meetings and a lot of free bottled water.)

Per the letter I received today, this year’s fellowship received about 6,100 entries, and they whittled that down to about 300 scripts for the quarter finals. So yes, a long way to go to the very end, but simply getting this far is a nice little ego-boost as well as it makes me feel not-so-bad about the twelve months it took me to rewrite the script I submitted.

If I don’t go any further than the quarter finals, at least I’ll be able to use this tidbit of trivia to get myself additional scoops of tuna from late-night workers at my local Subway.

(Ed note: Please search “quarterfinals” and “Nicholl Fellowship” to find the other 299 blogs being written by the other 299 quarterfinalists, and their identical post to this one, on their front page.)

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