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  • Paul Davidson

If I Lived On The Sun

Really, living on the sun wouldn’t be much different from living on the Earth.

If I lived on the sun, I would still probably write in my blog and go out and get exercise and try to get my friends and family on the phone to see what was going on with them. I’d probably go out with people to the movies and for dinner and also spend some time at home, too. The biggest difference, probably, is while I was doing all of those things — I’d be on fire.

You know, like my skin would be bubbling and flaking off and I’d probably reek of smoke and stuff because the whole time this was going on I’d be covered in painful, red and orange flames and stuff. You know, come to think of it, I might be screaming my head off while I was burning to death, too.

So, you know – it would be similar to living on Earth, except for the burning, screaming and smoke billowing off my limbs.

But other than that — really, not much different from living on Earth.

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