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I Will Not Call This Entry, “<i>Production Diary 1.510</i>“

For a guy like me who enjoys “different” titles for his blog entries, after today I will no longer be using the old boring “Production Diary” headers. They have been permanently excised from WFME.

OK. Now for the good stuff.

. . .

This show is damn good. I was talking about this fact with some people the other day and how when you work on reality shows, while you’re actually filming them, that a lot of times people say to each other, “It’ll be fine once we get it into editing…” That’s the reality – that anything or everything can always be saved by fancy re-jiggering (is that a word?) in post production.

But The Benefactor sings in its current unedited form. I mean, it screams. When you can sit and watch events unfolding and be totally riveted and entertained, editing can do nothing but tweak a few rhythmic points here and there. But, then again – the American public is a crazy bunch of people to figure out. I mean, there were shows people thought would tank that brought great success to certain networks. So, what does anyone really know about it at all? Not much. In the end, you can only trust your instincts and hope for the best.

Today is an off-day for me in the most un-characteristic “off-day” fashion. Yes, it means I was able to sleep past 5:30am. Yes, it means that I don’t have to hurl a backpack (that weighs more than a car) on my back. And yes, it means that I still have work to do. But, you know, not as crazy. You know when you start to say to yourself “I can’t wait to fly home so I can get 3 hours of sleep,” that you really are working on a hard production schedule.

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