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I Will Not Call This Entry <i>“Funny Monday”</i>

Does it ever seem like it takes about a month for the year to get moving?

There was a lot of chaos “in-the-works” in January, but now with the end of the month coming it appears as if things are gearing up to go into high gear.

First and foremost, I start working Monday as a Producer on a new FOX reality-hybrid/sitcom show, which I’ll disclose at a later date. My job will be to help create the show from scratch and map out all of the episodes (much like what Larry David does on Curb Your Enthusiasm with his outlined episodes) before the show goes into production. It should be a great experience, and I’ll keep you all updated as it progresses. The show has been announced, and I’ll point you towards the Variety article soon.

In addition, Consumer Joe is about to hit its third-printing, AND we’re about to start meeting with networks in February to bring the show to the rest of the country. In preparation of doing that, we’re gearing up to meet with a variety of comedians that you’ve probably seen on TV and doing stand-up to see just which one will end up being the “not-so-real-version” of Consumer Joe (the real version was me, but I don’t need to host a show if you know what I mean). Once we have it all in place, then we’ll pick up the dice, roll them, and see if we end up with snake eyes or a seven. (Seven. We want a seven.)

In addition to waiting for answers on the “second-book” from Broadway Books and the variety of mag articles, it appears as if yours truly will be featured on (get ready to groan) HGTV’s Design on a Dime. The show will tape late February and end up on the wonderful home-improvement cable channel sometime in this millenium. Your guess is as good as mine. And I’ll probably look like a fool. So don’t lose any sleep over it.

Oh, and the most important update ever involves my pet monkey, Stanislaus (Stan, for short). He has learned how to operate the touch-screen remote control AND make hard-boiled eggs. This is, of course, what we always hoped for Stanislaus…and we know it means he’ll soon probably (hopefully) figure out how to re-wire out dimmer switches in the living room.

Fingers crossed.

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