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  • Paul Davidson

<i>The Bachelor</i> Has Officially Jumped The Bass Fish

Did I mention that The Bachelor has officially jumped the Bass fish?

On tonight’s episode I saw something that was insanely-stupid the first time I saw it on Big Brother. That insanely-stupid thing, prior, was inviting Sheryl Crow to perform in the Big Brother backyard for a group of cagey, insane, people who would eat their young for $500,000.

Tonight on The Bachelor, the “professional Bass fisherman” bachelor guy (hello – that should have been my first hint) takes his first date to an empty club where low and behold, BRANDY is performing with four backup dancers. No, there’s no one else in the place. Yes, she’s wearing one of those Brit-Brit head-mounted microphones. Yes, she’s really singing to the Bass fisherman and his date.

In one-on-one interviews, the woman on the date is quoted as saying, “I was so surprised!” Of course you’re surprised. No one in their right mind would ever expect The Bachelor to bring Brandy on, to perform to a couple on a date. Seriously, no one would. Not you, not me, not Brandy. My god, what were Brandy’s agents thinking?

In addition to bringing in the heavy-hitters (uh, Brandy), the Producers have decided that the show was getting too dull and decided to throw some wrenches into the traditional format. Now, the Bass Fisherman guy lives with the girls and has brought his dog. (This happened tonight, too, causing it to jump the Bass fish.) There is also no party before the final rose ceremony (uh oh) — now he just flies by the seat of his pants.

What’s happening to the world I used to live in, where I could count on pre-rose ceremony parties, men and women NOT living together, and Brandy performing to a real audience and getting caught by police officers on shows like Punk’d.

Apparently, all is not well in reality-TV land.

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