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  • Paul Davidson

I’m Cheating On You

Ah, yes. The act of cheating.

Technically, cheating isn’t cheating if the person cheating told you he was cheating before he ever started cheating. Thus, my previous mention of my daily contributions to LAist, a Los Angeles-based blog about all things LA.

Whereas WFME gives me the opportunity to rant and rave about things that most of the population reads and says, “This guy is off his rocker!”, LAist gives me the opportunity to rant and rave about local LA things and have people say, “This site is off its rocker!” Bottom line, less responsibility.

I love it.

And so do the people of Yahoo, who dubbed it their Yahoo! Pick of the Day for last Thursday. Gee, thanks Yahoo!

Even if you’re not from LA, there’s some great writers contributing to the site and it would be worth your while if you have the time to add one more blog to your ever expanding list of literary greatness.

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