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  • Paul Davidson

I Have Returned

It was as if it was all a dream.

Just about one month ago I departed Los Angeles and found myself in Dallas, Texas and spent a whole month there working on The Benefactor. And now I am home and I am going to sit here in front of my TiVo all day long and watch the shows that I need to catch up on.

Some interesting details about The Benefactor that I can tell you. First of all, ABC just announced that the show will air in the Fall, Monday nights at 8pm as part of a block with their highest rated show, Monday Night Football. It beats the Sunday 10pm slot that it was going to have over the summer.

Now that I’m back in Los Angeles, I begin to work on the show from a writing perspective — working to script promos, announcer copy and help shape the story of each episode. Funnily enough, there is so much footage shot on a reality show, that you could cut 10 different stories. It’s about finding the tone and storyline you want, then supporting those stories with interview clips. It’s like your own Choose Your Own Adventure book.

A big plus of being back is in regards to WFME. While I had to dedicate myself to posting even if it was at 3am after an 18 hour day, now I am back to a normal schedule. That means you, the reader, will get all the advantages. Free magazine subscriptions, a 3 day 2 night trip to Santa Barbara and some Silly Putty! Wooo hooo! (which has now replaced the Dallas “Yeee-Hah!”)

In other news, I came back to contracts and such that all must be resolved. One company wants to option a screenplay of mine and I have to decide if I feel comfortable handing over the reigns of it for the next six to twelve months; the contract with a TV producer to pitch Consumer Joe as a TV show is about to be closed, and the second book proposal is about to go out to all publishers in the hopes that someone “gets it” and picks it up.

All good stuff, but as always, who knows when The Shadow will come out and screw me on all of the opportunities. Only The Shadow knows…

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