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  • Paul Davidson

I Have Been Commerically Brainwashed

I have been fully, 199% commercially brainwashed.

I don’t know if you have a Six Flags Amusement Park anywhere near you in the United States, but if you don’t…just know that it’s got rollercoasters and a ton of other rides and it’s just like the amusement park vision you have in your head when you read the words “amusement park.”

That’s all fine and good.

But the retired government scientists who used to use their talents at brainwashing prisoners-of-war and erasing the memories of undercover agents with other government’s secrets locked in their heads have now spent some time creating a television commercial that I cannot stop watching. You should check it out now, before you continue.

There is an old man who is the main character in their commercial. Yet he is not a frail old man, he is a crazy dancing fool of an old man. He walks into a sleepy little neighborhood, waits for the techno music to start, then starts running around like crazy. I can’t stop watching. I can’t stop trying to see the young man in make-up behind the dark glasses and wrinkly skin.

I can not stop watch ing.

Everytime I see the commerical I find myself entranced. Mind you, it doesn’t make me want to go to Six Flags Amusement Parks but it does make me stop everything and stare mindlessly at the television screen wondering about this crazy old techno-music dancing fool of an old man and the fact that I’m spending time thinking about him makes me insane.

Insane enough to write about it to make sure I’m not totally alone.

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