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<i>Consumer Joe</i>, Rescued!

After a year, Consumer Joe has come home to Pauly D.

See, when my book was months from being released back in 2003, there was a spiteful author out there who had self-published a book of his job application query letters and decided he would snatch up as many domains for as many books that were similar to his as he could. was one of them.

At the time, I remember being frustrated since it wasn’t a mistake or someone picking up a domain name simply because it suited them, but because the person wanted to capitalize on any success my book was going to have. After realizing my publisher and I couldn’t do anything about it, I forgot about it.

Until yesterday — when I realized the domain name had been released and it was free for the taking once again.

So I took it.

Although it’s currently NOT UP and/or working, it’s nice to know that the man who SHOULD own it, owns it, and that I can finally rest knowing CJ is safe and sound.

(Sniffling sound, here.)

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