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  • Paul Davidson

<i>Celebrity Mole Yucatan</i>

For those who have been keeping track — Celebrity Mole Yucatan, for which I was a Producer, will be wrapping up in the next two weeks. And so I figured it would be fine for me to let you in on some very special trivia tidbits of the upcoming episodes.

Episode 6, Airing 2/11/04: The final episode that actually takes place in the Yuck-atan. (The food at the five star hotel where they stayed, sucked butt.) Now, we’re down to the final three Players: Mark Curry, Angie Everhart and Dennis Rodman. In this episode, Dennis and Mark end up sitting in a sinking boat trying to solve clues while Angie is underwater in this huge underwater helmet-thang that she can breathe in. She’s opening chests, talking up to the guys in the boat, and together they’re trying to solve these clues before they sink. Well, you’ll have to see about the outcome, but it’s quite interesting. Secondly, the three of them are challenged to take images from all four Mole shows and re-arrange them in order of occurence. And somebody cheats and throws away all the cash. Woo-hoo!

Episode 7, Airing 2/18/04: The actual, real Finale. Shot in Los Angeles, weeks after the end of the shoot in Mexico, everyone is back to see who the winner is, the loser is and WHO IS THE MOLE. I have to tell you this — at this point in the shooting of the show, I had thought Tracey Gold was the Mole, and had NO IDEA who could possibly be the real Mole. This episode rocks! Between the reveal (which was stunning) and showing everyone what the Mole actually did to screw up episodes — it was awesome. Don’t miss it.

After that, although most people don’t know it — Celebrity Mole Yucatan will be airing as a Marathon on ABC Family. And when that airs on ABC Family, Corbin Bernsen and Stephen Baldwin will be hosting those shows. They’ll pop up inbetween all the actual episodes to talk about their experience on the show. 99% of everything they say — I wrote. So, tune in when the schedule is finalized.

Don’t get me wrong. I am well-aware that Celebrity Mole Yucatan will not cause peace on Earth. It’s a reality show, people. So, watch at your own risk.

Now I must go prepare for FOX’s My Big Fat Obnoxious Fian-say. That show is hilarious.

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