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  • Paul Davidson

<i>Big Fish</i> and My Fish

Big Fish, the new film by Tim Burton opened last Wednesday here in Los Angeles and in New York; that is until December 25th when I think it opens much wider. It’s a movie I’ve been waiting to see (and hopefully will tonight) for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s produced by the team behind American Beauty and written by John August and directed by Tim Burton. Finally, from what I hear, the bad taste that was left in our mouth by Marky Mark and the Planet of the Apes will disappear. This movie is supposed to be…

Magical… -Jeff Craig, Sixty Second Preview

I’m much more aware these days of looking to see who said what about any given movie since all the studios do is get Joe Blow from some random website to say “The Greatest Movie That Was 211 minutes This Year!“. If I see a good blurb from Ebert, Rolling Stone, New York Times, etc etc — (real publications), then I know it’s legit. When you get reviews from people you’ve never heard of, from media services or websites, you know they’re reaching.

So, Big Fish is actually getting great reviews from legitimate people. So, I am intrigued by that. But an even bigger reason for me is that I have written a screenplay that has the same magical quality as Tim Burton’s latest, and would benefit from this movie doing well.

Currently, my screenplay has garnered the attention of a huge producer (whose name will remain a secret for now) who is taking the screenplay out to directors (whose names will remain a secret for now) in order to package the movie and get it going. Unfortunately, movies like mine and Big Fish are so visual that a studio won’t buy it unless they know the vision they’re getting…so they need to know who’s gonna direct it. Without knowing that, they have a magical script whose vision could change when they finally get a director, and end up being completely different.

And so I wait.

And wait.

And wait.

If you thought it took long for a huge glacier to traverse the globe, it’s lightning fast compared to getting a screenplay sold and made in this town. It’s ridiculous.

Happy Friday. Have a great weekend, everyone. Don’t forget to floss.

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