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  • Paul Davidson

<i>Benefactor</i> Monday Redux

Tonight is Monday, which means (besides the fact that yesterday was Sunday and that Boston Legal was pretty good except for it’s generic title) that The Benefactor returns to TV screens to everyone’s giddy satisfaction.

What do you have in store for you this evening? Well, as you remember (or don’t since you didn’t watch it) from last week – it ended with Mark telling the remaining five contestants (Spencer, Linda, Femia, Dominic and Tiffaney) that he wanted them to divide into two teams of two.

But wait, you say! If there’s only two teams of two, that’s gonna leave one person out! An odd man out!!

You are so perceptive, you reader you.

So, Spencer and Linda remained a team, causing “Team Beautiful” to choose Jenga as their decision-maker of choice, resulting in Dominic as the loser. Aaah, Mark’s wrath will come to pass at the beginning of this episode, leaving the remaining two teams of two to go out into the Dallas cityscape and make people “smile.”

For this episode I was paired with the Linda/Spencer team as a Producer, and so wherever they are, I am somewhere slightly off-screen. If you look very carefully and you can pause live-TV you may just catch the edge of my black sneakers somewhere. Anywhere. Really, all this exposure on National TV is starting to get tiresome.


Update — The show did not air tonight because of a Special 20/20. I wonder what they’ll do with that episode now?

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