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<i>Benefactor</i> Monday

Tonight is the fourth episode of the amazing, world-changing, hit show The Benefactor.

Before I talk about this week’s show, I’d love to direct your attention to the picture above — which was put up on the show’s ABC site. It’s yet another one of those examples of reality TV shows including and not including certain scenes due to the time restraint of 43 minutes per hour show.

The above sequence was actually a great moment in the show, which took place prior to the kicking-off of Mario and William. It happened the night before the teams were picked to entertain Mark. So, in fact, although ABC has lumped this picture in the Episode 3 picture gallery online, this event took place the night before Episode 2 actually was shot.

Here, Mark Cuban comes into the room and dumps tens of thousands of dollars on the table and tells the group to do with it what they want, and to go have fun with it. And then, he walks out. There were a bunch of interesting moments that came out of it, including seeing how the contestants actually decided to tally up the money. Some people pocketed money without telling the others, and it made for some interesting (but not story-worthy) plot lines.

I have to say that last week’s execution/kicking to the curb of Chris was a moment that, personally, I felt was too bad. Chris was a great competitor and I think he was right when he said that the only reason he was gone was because Mark gave the others a choice in who to keep. What can you do — rules are rules.

As for tonight’s show — this episode may pull in a few more fans because it offers up what some viewers have been asking for…a cohesive game where the rules are specific. Tonight, Mark divides the remaining six contestants into two teams and challenges them to go out into Dallas and put together a team of strangers for a million dollar game of horse. That’s right — they have to get a man, a woman and a kid under 12 who they will accompany to the American Airlines Arena where the two teams will compete in a game of Horse. The winners win and the losers lose. Plain and simple. The losing team, of course, is then at risk.

As for yours truly — I produced tonight’s specific event which means I was responsible for everything you see in the arena. The gameplay, the rules, the lighting, the Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders (oh yeah), the uniforms, and the voice over announcing. (Mind you, I didn’t MAKE the uniforms or TEACH the cheerleaders their routines — there are a variety of great people who made all of those details a reality.) As for the in-arena announcing — if the editors saw fit to keep it in, you’ll hear my voice as the teams make their way onto the darkened Mavericks arena floor.

If not, I’m sure my voice is somewhere on the cutting room floor, babbling away.

(Update: The editors have seen fit to leave my voice for the introductions in which I say “Introducing the Blue/Silver team” but have overdubbed me the rest of the way. Welcome to Hollywood, Davidson — welcome to Hollywood.)

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